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Lead Supervisor I- Outlets of MS


Pearl, MS, US


Service Leader Role Description- Factory

The Service Leader (SL) is responsible for the team’s success in servicing and selling to our customers. Awareness, Communication, Energy and Selling will help create an outstanding selling and service environment. The SL is the key director on the floor, exhibits enthusiasm, approachability, high energy, and has complete ownership to lead the team to goal achievement.

Responsible for:


Monitoring the service and selling environment by observing interactions across the entire sales floor

Ensuring team has sales floor awareness and are protecting the customers’ experience through engagement

 Exhibiting a leadership presence and command of the sales floor

Switching gears between peak and non-peak traffic periods

Maintaining constant movement by walking throughout all sections of the sales floor

 Breaking away from customers and filling in the sales associate in that zone


 Ensuring all associates know who the SL is every hour, and when the SL changes

Communicating the status of the current store environment (i.e. traffic, volume), along with necessary focus for the current/upcoming hour (based on business needs and trends)

Connecting with Operations Leader to update status of all non-selling activities

Providing feedback and recognition for successes and opportunities during SL shift

Assisting associates with the breaking away, assisting multiple customers and audience introductions.

Seamlessly transitioning to the next Service Leader by communicating details of the previous SL shift


Setting the tone of the store by role modeling the behavior expected of the associates

Smiling and making eye contact with associates and customers

Maintaining a consistent and appropriate level of composure based on the pace of the store traffic, needs of the customers, and needs of the associates


Supporting audience selling and introductions

Encouraging customer interactions that are brief, yet informative, to involve the sales associate in each zone

Encouraging team selling and collaboration by reinforcing the impact of individual productivity on overall store success

Enhancing the sale by validating the customer’s choice and suggesting additional items

Driving sales every hour by adapting volume goals to traffic and volume trends

Demonstrates the following Knowledge, Skills, Abilities, and Attitudes:

Proactively switches gears and anticipates needs of the store hour by hour

Ability to give recognition to celebrate successes and reinforce positive behaviors

Maintain composure when handling difficult situations

Ability to prioritize

Ability to influence

Adapt communication to needs of person/people

Models appropriate verbal and non-verbal communication

Actively listens and captures the message of the speaker

Assesses the situation and makes appropriate decisions

- Ability to read cues effectively (customer and associates)

- Exhibits coaching and feedback skills to improve or enhance performance of others

- Collaborates with team members

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