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Lead Supervisor I


Tigard, OR, US

Coach es una casa de moda global fundada en Nueva York en 1941. Inspirados por la visión del director creativo Stuart Vevers y el espíritu inclusivo y valiente de nuestra ciudad natal, hacemos cosas hermosas, hechas para durar, para que para que seas tú mismo.

Coach forma parte de la cartera de Tapestry, una casa global de marcas comprometidas a ampliar lo que es posible.


e Lead Supervisor role is an integral part of the store’s overall success; modeling the behaviors needed to directly impact all aspects of our Company’s business: Sales and Operational Processes. This individual shows exemplary performance behaviors, not only with work performed, but by representing Coach at its highest standards. They serve as a true utilitarian player, possessing the ability to adapt to all roles within the store environment. Sample of tasks required of role:

SALES:  Understands organizational objectives and makes decisions in partnership with the Store Manager(s) and Assistant Store Manager(s) that align with Company priorities and values  Endorses, models and develops team to deliver Coach’s Selling and Service expectations  Enforces sales strategies, initiatives and growth across all categories  Works with Store Manager(s) and/or Assistant Store Manager(s) to flex store business strategies and personal selling techniques to contribute to overall store and financial results  Leverages floor supervisor assignment responsibilities to deliver strong metrics; remains results driven, including through team selling and selling to multiple customers  Productivity Management: holds sales team accountable for personal sales  Maximizes clienteling strategy in partnership with the Store Manager(s) and Assistant Store Manager(s); monitoring process over time to achieve business goals and objectives  Builds credibility and trust with team, as well with customers - serving as a personal fashion advisor to deliver business results  Creates positive impressions with store team and customers by bringing best self to work through business attire consistent with Coach’s Guide to Style  Acts as a brand ambassador in the local market/mall to drive brand loyalty and business (i.e. charity events, local associations, mall initiatives)  Sensitive to customer and team needs and tailors approach by reading cues  Solution-oriented and forward thinking in resolving customer issues; partners with Store Manager(s) and/or District Manager as appropriate  Develops both self and individual product knowledge skills and remains aware of current collections  Understands the positive sales impact staffing has on the business and recruits accordingly  Coaches, develops and motivates the team on a daily, weekly and monthly basis to meet goals and utilize Company tools; delegates and empowers others and encourages individual growth  Welcomes feedback and adapts behaviors; create short and long-term goals to achieve personal metrics and performance development  Regularly provides feedback to others; coaches performance to a higher standard; provides constructive feedback to Store Manager(s) and Assistant Store Manager(s)

OPERATIONS:  Manages daily operational tasks according to Coach standards, switching gears based on the needs of the business both seamlessly and pro-actively  Demonstrates strong business acumen  Interacts and communicates with supervisor(s) on a regular basis; is adaptable and flexible; maintains a calm and professional demeanor  Maintains interior and exterior upkeep of the building with partnership from the corporate office  Understands and uses all retail systems and reporting tools to make informed decisions, taking appropriate partners, as necessary  Adheres to all applicable Coach retail policies and procedures including POS and Operations procedures  Leverages Coach’s tools and technology to support relationship building and clienteling efforts, including driving sales and achieving individual and team goals  Works with Store Manager(s) and/or Assistant Store Manager(s) to flex store business strategies to improve productive functions  Ensures all daily tasks are completed without negatively impacting service of Coach standards Competencies required:  Drive for Results: Can be counted on to exceed goals successfully. Is consistently one of the top performers. Very bottom line oriented. Steadfastly pushes self and others for results.  Customer Focus: Is dedicated to meeting the expectations and requirements of internal and external customers. Gets firsthand customer information and uses it for improvements in products and services. Acts with customers in mind. Establishes and maintains effective relationships with customers and gains their trust and respect.  Creativity: Comes up with a lot of new and unique ideas. Easily makes connections among previously unrelated notions. Tends to be seen as original and value-added in brainstorming settings.  Interpersonal Savvy: Relates well to all kind of people up down and sideways. Inside and outside the organization. Builds rapport. Builds constructive and effective relationships. Uses diplomacy and tact. Can diffuse even high-tension situations comfortably.  Learning on The Fly: Learns quickly when facing new problems. A relentless and versatile learner. Open to change. Analyzes both successes and failures for cues to improve, experiments and will try anything to find solutions. Enjoys the challenge of unfamiliar tasks. Quickly grasps the essence and underlying structure of anything.  Perseverance: Pursues everything with energy, drive and a need to finish. Seldom gives up on anything before finishing, especially in the face of resistance or setbacks.  Dealing with Ambiguity: Can effectively cope with change. Can shift gears comfortably. Can decide to act without having the total picture. Does not get upset when things are up in the air. Doesn’t have to finish things before moving on. Can comfortably handle risk and uncertainty.  Strategic Agility: Sees ahead clearly; can anticipate future consequences and trends accurately; has broad knowledge and perspective; is future oriented; can articulately paint credible pictures and visions of possibilities and likelihoods; can create competitive and breakthrough strategies and plans.  Building Effective Teams: Blends people into teams when needed; creates strong morale and spirit in his/her team; shares wins and successes; fosters open dialogue; lets people finish and be responsible for their work; defines success in terms of the whole team; creates a feeling of belonging in the team.  Managerial Courage: Doesn’t hold back anything that needs to be said; provides current, direct, complete, and “actionable” positive and corrective feedback to others; lets people know where they stand; faces up to people problems on any person or situation (not including direct reports) quickly and directly; is not afraid to take negative action when necessary.

Additional Requirements:  Experience: 1- 3 years of previous retail experience (cashier/stock experience, sales, etc.) preferably in a luxury retail service environment. Possesses current knowledge of fashion trends and competition in the marketplace.  Education: High school diploma or equivalent; college degree preferred.  Technical: Knowledge of cash register systems, basic computer skills (including the ability to use iPad/laptop, Mobile POS and Internet), utilize walkie talkie, understand and read price and product release sheets.  Physical: Ability to execute at a fast pace. Ability to communicate effectively with customers and team. Ability to maneuver the sales floor, sales shelves, and stock room; climbing, bending, and kneeling are required. Ability to frequently lift and carry up to 25 pounds and, at times, lift and carry product/cartons up to 50 pounds to process product shipment/transfers Schedule: Ability to meet Coach Scheduling & Availability Expectations, including ability to work a flexible schedule, including nights, weekends, and holidays high retail traffic and sales days (including but not limited to the day after Thanksgiving, Memorial Day, Christmas Eve, Mother’s Day, etc.).

Note: This document serves only as a sample of job duties and responsibilities and does not include an exhaustive list of all performance requirements. Tapestry, Inc., parent company of the Coach brand, is an equal opportunity and affirmative action, employer and we pride ourselves on hiring and developing the best people. All employment decisions (including recruitment, hiring, promotion, compensation, transfer, training, discipline and termination) are based on the applicant’s or employee’s qualifications as they relate to the requirements of the position under consideration. These decisions are made without regard to age, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, genetic characteristics, race, color, creed, religion, ethnicity, national origin, alienage, citizenship, disability, marital status, military status, pregnancy, or any other legally-recognized protected basis prohibited by applicable law.


Nuestras competencias para todos los empleados

  • Valentía: No se guarda nada que deba decirse; proporciona comentarios positivos y correctivos relevantes, directos, completos y “prácticos” a los demás; hace que las personas sepan en qué punto se encuentran; se enfrenta a problemas personales de cualquier persona o en cualquier situación (sin incluir sus subordinados directos) de forma rápida y directa; no tiene miedo de tomar medidas negativas cuando es necesario.
  • Creatividad: Ofrece muchas ideas nuevas y únicas; relaciona rápidamente nociones que previamente no se habían relacionado; tiende a ser visto como original y como un valor añadido en situaciones de exposición de ideas.
  • Orientación al cliente: Está dedicado a satisfacer las expectativas y los requisitos de los clientes internos y externos; obtiene información de primera mano del cliente y la utiliza para mejoras en productos y servicios; actúa teniendo siempre a los clientes en mente; establece y mantiene relaciones efectivas con los clientes, y se gana su confianza y respeto.
  • Manejo de la ambigüedad: Puede afrontar los cambios de forma efectiva; puede cambiar de ritmo cómodamente; puede decidir y actuar sin tener la visión completa; no se molesta cuando las cosas no están definidas; no tiene que terminar las cosas antes de seguir adelante con otros proyectos; puede manejar cómodamente el riesgo y la incertidumbre.
  • Motivado para obtener resultados: Se puede contar con él/ella para superar los objetivos con éxito; es constantemente una de las personas con mejor rendimiento; muy orientado a los resultados; se presiona firmemente a sí mismo/a y empuja a los demás a obtener resultados.
  • Experto en relaciones interpersonales: Se relaciona bien con todo tipo de personas, de nivel superior, inferior y compañeros del mismo rango, dentro y fuera de la organización; construye relaciones adecuadas; construye relaciones constructivas y efectivas; usa la diplomacia y el tacto; puede aliviar incluso situaciones de alta tensión cómodamente.
  • Rápido aprendizaje: Aprende rápidamente cuando se enfrenta a nuevos problemas; es un aprendiz constante y versátil; abierto al cambio; analiza tanto los éxitos como los fracasos en busca de indicios para mejorar; experimenta e intentará cualquier cosa para encontrar soluciones; disfruta el desafío de las tareas con las que no está familiarizado; capta rápidamente la esencia y la estructura subyacente de cualquier cosa.

Nuestras competencias para todos los Responsables de Personal

  • Agilidad Estratégica: Ve claramente las acciones futuras; puede anticipar consecuencias y tendencias futuras con precisión; tiene amplios conocimientos y perspectiva; está orientado/a al futuro; puede articular imágenes y visiones creíbles de posibilidades y probabilidades; puede crear estrategias y planes competitivos e innovadores.
  • Desarrollo de Subordinados Directos y Otros: Proporciona tareas y asignaciones exigentes y que suponen un desafío; mantiene frecuentes conversaciones de desarrollo; es consciente de los objetivos profesionales de cada persona; crea y ejecuta planes de desarrollo convincentes; empuja a las personas a aceptar cambios en pro de su desarrollo; se hace cargo de personas que necesitan ayuda y desarrollo adicional; es un “constructor” de personas.
  • Creación de Equipos Eficaces: Integra personas en equipos cuando es necesario; crea una moral
    y un espíritu fuertes en su equipo; comparte victorias y éxitos; fomenta el diálogo abierto; deja que las personas terminen y sean responsables de su trabajo; define el éxito en términos de todo el equipo; crea sentimiento de pertenencia en el equipo.


Coach es una empresa que contrata en igualdad de oportunidades, aplicando la discriminación positiva, y nos enorgullecemos de contratar y desarrollar a los mejores. Todas las decisiones de empleo (incluido el reclutamiento, la contratación, el ascenso, la remuneración, los traslados, la formación, la aplicación de medidas disciplinarias y el despido) se basan en las cualificaciones del candidato o empleado, y en su idoneidad para cumplir con los requisitos del puesto a cubrir. Estas decisiones se toman sin discriminación de edad, sexo, orientación sexual, identidad de género, características genéticas, raza, color, creo, religión, etnia, país de origen, extranjería, ciudadanía, discapacidad, estado civil, estado militar, embarazo, y sin aplicar ninguna otra discriminación sobre una condición protegida que esté prohibida por la legislación aplicable. Visite Coach en


Req ID:  114204

Job Segment: Brand Ambassador, Outside Sales, Marketing, Sales

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