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Sales Support Associate II


pottstown, PA, US

Required: If this box is checked both internal and external candidates must answer the question before they are allowed to submit a job application.
Disqualifier: If this box is checked and the candidate answers the question incorrectly, the candidate will be auto disqualified from the job requisition. They will appear on the candidate list but they will be highlighted in pink.
Score: If you want to rank your candidates based on how they answer the question, check this box. The question(s) with this box checked will be used to determine the candidate’s overall score, which can be used to sort the candidates on the candidate listing page. Note: this must be used in conjunction with the "weight" box.
Weight: Weight is used to specify the relative importance of each question. This is used when the "score" field is checked. If multiple fields are selected to be scored, then you can signify that certain questions are more important than others by allocating points between all the questions you would like to score. For example, if one question is rated 10 and another 90, the second question valued as nine times more important.
Required Score: Required score is used to establish a combined minimum threshold once you have scored and weighted each question.
Actions: The Actions dropdown menu allows for editing or deleting of screening questions.
IMPORTANT NOTE: It is not considered a good practice to change the question section once a requisition has been posted as question answers and ratings will be inconsistent between candidates that have applied before and those that have applied after the changes.                         

Req ID:  84061

Job Segment: Sales Support, Sales

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