We Believe that Difference Sparks Brilliance,

so we welcome people and ideas from everywhere to join us in stretching what's possible.

At Tapestry, being true to yourself is core to who we are.

When each of us brings our individuality to our collective ambition, our creativity is unleashed. This global house of brands was built by unconventional entrepreneurs and unexpected solutions, so when we say we believe in dreams, we mean we believe in making them happen. We're always on a journey to becoming our best, but you can count on this: Here, your voice is valued, your ambitions are supported, and your work is recognized.

Where different ideas intersect, new thinking emerges. So we cultivate a place for people who are both warm and rigorous, work that is both challenging and fun, a culture led by both head and heart. Most of all, we bring together the unique spirits of our people and our brands and give them a place to move their work and our industry forward.

Our Social Fabric

Our People

We invite each employee to contribute their unique perspective to create a culture that’s growing, dynamic, and diverse.

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Our Planet

We are dedicated to reducing our environmental impact across the world, so our process can be as inspiring as our products.

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Our Communities

We engage closely with the places where we live and work, helping to enrich and strengthen them.

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Brand Values

Genuine at Heart

We embrace the soul of New York City—ambitious and unapologetic, genuine, and real.

Crafted to Last

We build relationships on the quality of our work, and care and craft are stitched into our soul.

Be Yourself, Together

Our family strives to be inclusive, dynamic, and diverse—creating accessible, fuss-free beauty with an open mind and heart.

Wonder, What If?

‘What if’ has always been our greatest strength. Fueled by possibility, we courageously try new approaches, new means of customer connections, and new ways of doing things.

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Kate Spade

Brand Values

Playful & Pragmatic

When we get it right, we combine spirited thinking with a no-nonsense approach.

Welcome with Warmth

We want to foster a culture where people feel they can bring their whole selves. When each of us brings our whole selves, that diversity creates the most interesting cross section of ideas. We welcome in the littlest ways, from a glass of champagne on your first day in the office, to the biggest ones, like our cultural ambassadors. For our employees, our door is always open.

Positive Well-Being

We sponsor programs that enhance our employees’ well-being. We create a community who lives the brand, so our actions match our intentions. Joy opens us up and makes anything possible. Together, our community can make a better world.

Wonderfully Determined

We are always moving forward. When things don’t go quite as planned, we pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and try again until it’s right. We mine the world around us. We reimagine the things we love. We search for old favorites and new favorites alike. Case in point: our spade flower print, which uses our heritage spade and racing stripe in a delightfully re-imagined way.

Celebrate The Story

We are storytellers, and our products are the words to the stories we tell. Together, they reflect a woman’s whole life, and when our story and her story converge, our products become supporting characters in her own story, and expressions of life well-lived.

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Stuart Weitzman

Brand Values

Passion for Precision

With our meticulous dedication to detail and history of artisanal Spanish craftsmanship, we create beautiful shoes that deliver style and comfort.

In Their Shoes

We put ourselves in the shoes of the women who wear ours, all the while listening closely to give them exactly what they want exactly when they need it.

Poised to Flex

We are agile and set the trends while staying true to our iconic silhouettes. Through it all, our shoes are designed to inspire you to shine with confidence every step of the way.

Make Bold Moves

We continuously strive to break the mold in everything we do and are always ready to innovate and take our fashion-forward designs one step further.

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Our Values

Dedicated to the Dream

We are a global company, but New York ambition still runs in our blood. Built by go-getters who saw unseen needs and took daring leaps, we channel that same passion today. We know first-hand the raw intellect and guts it takes to make the dream happen, and we won’t settle for anything less. We’re the type to think one step ahead, act on our curiosity, and never stop striving—and Tapestry gives us the room. When we get set back, we get back up. And our successes are not inherited but earned. We proudly make our own way.

Our Values

Hold to High Standards

In our people, our processes, and our products, we are committed where it counts. We have a reputation to uphold, of detailed craftsmanship and uncompromising quality, and we take that charge to every task. From how we source, to how we sew, to how we sell, we insist on the highest integrity at each step. The experiences our customers have with our brands are central and sacred here. We’re deeply dedicated to them and to each other, so we do things right, no matter what; because when it’s hard is when it matters most.

Our Values

Embrace Difference by Design

The kind of ingenuity that turns heads, that turns objects into icons, comes only from the places few have looked before—so diverse perspectives are the greatest assets we have. When we encourage everyone to speak up and weave these varied voices together, we make something entirely new. We give space for the voices of customers, too, to express themselves through our brands, rather than the other way around. At Tapestry, we stand for open doors. So come as you are. Let’s create something from it.

Our Values

Break Through with Magic and Logic

Art and science. Design and data. Delight and discipline. For us, in the balance of these forces is where breakthroughs lie, and where our name was built. Blending customer insights with inspiration helps us invite fresh collaborations, find unexpected connections, anticipate what’s next, and serve customers better. Our brands are more than beautiful—they are beautifully practical—and our people see the aesthetic and the strategic hand-in-hand. Because here, we believe that form is a function. And business is an art.

Our Values

Stand Taller Together

Many talents, when combined, multiply in impact, and expertise, when harnessed to help, makes room for so much more. At Tapestry, we create the roof under which our people can share knowledge and learning with each other, and we set the foundation that frees our brands to shine on their own. Working in partnership, we expand what we’re all capable of, and we each play a role in greater achievements. If anyone can use collective strength to revolutionize our industry, it’s us. Together, we stand taller.

We believe that difference sparks brilliance, so we welcome people and ideas from everywhere to join us in stretching what’s possible.

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Christine Tran Digital Product Manager

“At the end of the day, the people are just genuinely kind. I’ve had so much support professionally and personally from every single person that I’ve worked with.”

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Sharon Kanter Sr. Director, Editorial and Content Strategy

“I think every day is creative. Every day is fun. Every day is innovative. We’re always pushing ourselves to think of new ideas, think of things differently.”

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Jeremy King Director, Allocation Retail and Outlet

“Something that we really promote here is, be yourself. Be yourself in every sense of the word.”

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Cassandra Campbell Stanley Sr. Manager, Customer Experience

“I had an idea to bring innovation to our organization on a macro level. No one looked at me crazy. It was the opposite. It was, ‘Yeah, what else?’”

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Kenzie O’Malley Director, Global Merchandising

“At Tapestry, they don’t define who you are by a title or your current set of skills. You are able to take different career paths.”

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Recognitions We Are Proud Of

Recognitions We Are Proud Of

Recognitions We Are Proud Of

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